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Bribex is the world's leading supplier of filling station pricing units. We are proud to be working with Shell and producing a variety of advanced and updateable pricing displays for Shell filling stations.

Note for our customers in the Republic of Ireland: there will be assistance regarding the changeover to the Euro currency appearing here shortly. You can also get support by email at

Manual Price Change Unit

MPCU: four digit pricing and flexibility at a realistic price

Bribex Limited is renowned for its precision engineering and design of highly reliable solutions . The backbone of its success has been based on a very conscious approach to lower the cost of ownership, which has enabled filling stations both large and small to maintain a competitive edge on product and price whilst remaining versatile and able to adjust with market demands and products that supply price change information within minutes.

In today's fast moving and volatile energy arena, communication is paramount in ensuring clients and customers alike can make the best choice in the shortest time . Our M.P.C.U. has achieved this and provides the very best solution, enabling 4 digit pricing as a realistic choice now.

Bribex Classic

This original retro fit kit is manufactured, installed and supplied by Bribex.


The Brimax is a revolutionary design update of the Bribex Classic. This all new system provides many benefits.
  • 50% more headroom
  • 50% improved stiffness
  • 100% more lateral stability
  • 30% reduced installation time
Bribex Poster Unit

The poster unit provides a crystal clear product display for the smaller filling station. It also serves as a high quality promotional display for larger filling stations.

Secure locks prevent unauthorized tampering. Strong, easily-opened doors make price updates simple. A moveable version is also available, fitted with self-locking wheels for convenience.

Bribex Electronic

You can future proof your display totem with Bribex electronic display tiles, and our state of the art backlit displays.

Shell Retrofit 2000 the road to reliability

Here are some images from the Shell Retrofit 2000.

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